samedi 16 novembre 2013

Saturdayz Soundtraxxx #3

You fought your way through an exhausting week of hard work, and you're planning on sleeping all week-end long, but your neighbours make too much noise and won't let you do so ?
Well, show them how much you FUCKING HATE them with Saturdayz Soundtraxxx #3.

First, soften their eardrums with the first demo of Austerymn, a UK-based band which plays some good ol' school suppurating Death Metal. 2 song for around 6 minutes of Dismember & Entombed-like Death goodness that reeks of putredied bodies 'n shit. Great stuff.

Then, disintegrate their fucking house with the power of Thaw/Outre's split album, which combines the speed and fury of Black Metal with the heaviness of Sludge for nearly an hour of devilish swampy awesomeness. Be careful not to destroy your own house during the process, though.

At last, unleash you wrath upon these motherfuckers by cutting their heads off WITH A RUSTY SHOVEL while listening Wet Dream Asphyxiation's sophomore tape of really fucking nasty Power Electronics.
And remember, the best way to make a dead body disappear is to dissolve it with quicklime !

That's all, folks !

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