samedi 1 février 2014

Saturdayz Soundtraxxx #6

Hail fvkkrz !
It's been a few weeks since my last article, but once again, I had stuff to do and shit to deal with.
So, without further ado (naaaah, joking, MAXIMUM VOLUME IS THE LAW), let me introduce you to the 3 bands composing this week's Saturdayz Soundtraxxx.

Abysmal Thresholds is the first full-length of the Finnish band Corpsessed.
The album is about to be released (on the 14th of February 2014) by Dark Descent Records, a US label known for its huge amount of awesome releases, and this one doesn't bend the rules.
Amateurs of raging, putrid, vindictive Old School Death Metal, Abysmal Thresholds is for you.

Great stuff incoming ! A few months after the release of their second (and excellent) album, the guys of Yellow Eyes, a US-based band, are back with a 2-titles EP.
Expect some great, dissonant, evil, twisted Black Metal.

As usual, the third band is the most fucked-up. Let your brain melt fucking down. Yup.

That's all folks !

jeudi 9 janvier 2014

Mord'A'Stigmata - Ansia

In a few of my previous articles, I talked about some countries with a real Metal "history", where a bunch of fucking great bands come from. But in Eastern Europe, there's a country that I consider as one of the most Metal in the whole world, since it has bred an incredible amount of awesome bands. So, in your opinion, which one could it be ?

Poland, of course !
If you guessed it right, congratulations, and if you were thinking of another one, well... you suck. Seriously, just think about it for one second : Vader, Behemoth, Lost Soul, Mgła, Szron, Seagulls Insane & Swans Deceased Mining Out the Void (yup, that's a real band; go check them out, they deserve more attention), Outre, Cold Empty Universe, and a SHITLOAD of other fucking great bands come from Poland, and as if it weren't enough, I think the band I'm about to talk has the potential to becone a really big name on the European Metal scene.

Ladies and gentlemans Fvkkrz, let me introduce you to Mord'A'Stigmata.

To be honest, despite the fact that they've been playing for around 10 years now, I had never heard of this band until something like 3 months ago, and that's a shame because their two previous albums are fucking great too (especially Antimatter, the second one).
Prepare yourselves, awesome stuff incoming

So, Ansia, the third full-lenght of Mord'A'Stigmata, released on October 29th of 2013 by Pagan Records, consists of five songs of Post-Black Metal, with some Ambient (and even Electro) influences, and their music sometimes reminds me of great Orthodox BM bands like Blut Aus Nord, Deathspell Omega or Dodecahedron (their songs does not sound as twisted as those of these three bands, though).

For the least I can say, these dudes did a fucking great job. Even if each song alternate violent and calm passages (except the last one, an outro which begins as an Ambient piece that progressively lose her shit, and finish in a burst of strident Noise), they managed to keep the whole album very fluent, very natural, and the 47 minutes of the album pass in no time.
There's not much I could say about those calm passages, except that they fit perfectly between the violent ones, and bring an errie and beautiful atmosphere to the whole thing, but speaking of the most brutal stuff, you'll find a cold, piercing guitar sound, uncluttered yet very efficient bass playing, fat ass drumming and harsh vocals.
On it's side, the production is just wonderful. You can hear every instrument very clearly, and yet, it doesn't sound too polished, and actually keeps intact the raw and aggressive feeling of Mord'A'Stigmata's music..

Long story short : Ansia is a fucking masterpiece ! With that kind of shit, there's NO DOUBT these guys will become a well-known band of the Polish and European Metal scene.
One of the best albums of 2013, nothing more, nothing less.


Available here and on the band's Bandcamp page for almost nothing.
I love when quality comes with a cheap price.

vendredi 3 janvier 2014

Saturdayz Soundtraxxx #5

Hailz fvkkrz !

2013 has finally come to an end, and for the least I can say, this has been a fuckin' great year for Extreme Music. So, today, I'm giving you a glimpse of what 2013 brought to us, just to start 2014 under the sign of Evil.
This is NOT a "top-albums of 2013" list. I've done that crap for years on the webzine I used to work for.
No, this is more like a bunch of shit worth a listen that came out over the past few months.

Or "B.S.W.L.T.C.O.O.T.P.F.M.".
Because fuck you.

That's all folks !

samedi 30 novembre 2013

Saturdayz Soundtraxxx #4

Tomorrow is the 1st of December.
Celebrate the coming of 2013's last month by listening grim music, brutally murdering christians and hanging them to christmas trees with their own guts, and of course, burning churches.

STAV is a two-men band coming right from Strasbourg, France, and these dudes deliver some high quality Death / Black Metal. They released their first album, meditate to Kill, through Chalice of Blood Angel Productions which doesn't exist anymore. If you're craving for fast, evil, crushing music, you know what you got to do.

I've been hesitating for ages about what I was going to do with this one. I've been listening to this album numerous times since I first discovered the band, almost 2 years ago, and was thinking about reviewing it, but after all, I'm just giving it to you as part of this Saturdays Soundtraxxx. So, Aquilus is an Australian band playing some incredibly awesome Neoclassical / Atmospehric / Folk Black Metal. I'm usually absolutely not into this kind of stuff (Folk Metal I mean), but Griseus is really a fantastic album, all its constituting elements merging as one in perfect harmony. In one word : masterpiece. LISTEN TO IT, MOTHERFUCKERS.

Last but not least, Theologian's latest release, Some Things Have to Be Endured (unleashed through Crucial Blast Records), is a fucking great avant-garde Industrial Noise / Black Metal album.
Yeah, nothing less than that, but I won't say much more about this one.
It's some indescribable pretty fucked-up stuff, but it's really worth a shot.

That's all folks !

samedi 16 novembre 2013

Saturdayz Soundtraxxx #3

You fought your way through an exhausting week of hard work, and you're planning on sleeping all week-end long, but your neighbours make too much noise and won't let you do so ?
Well, show them how much you FUCKING HATE them with Saturdayz Soundtraxxx #3.

First, soften their eardrums with the first demo of Austerymn, a UK-based band which plays some good ol' school suppurating Death Metal. 2 song for around 6 minutes of Dismember & Entombed-like Death goodness that reeks of putredied bodies 'n shit. Great stuff.

Then, disintegrate their fucking house with the power of Thaw/Outre's split album, which combines the speed and fury of Black Metal with the heaviness of Sludge for nearly an hour of devilish swampy awesomeness. Be careful not to destroy your own house during the process, though.

At last, unleash you wrath upon these motherfuckers by cutting their heads off WITH A RUSTY SHOVEL while listening Wet Dream Asphyxiation's sophomore tape of really fucking nasty Power Electronics.
And remember, the best way to make a dead body disappear is to dissolve it with quicklime !

That's all, folks !

vendredi 8 novembre 2013

Dumno - Cet Atebertas

Ever wanted to know what it would feel like to be cut in half in one single blow by a demented, laughing, entirely blood-soaked, 1m90 tall and 120kgs Gallic warrior ?
I'm pretty sure that some of you already reenacted in your heads great battles with dudes like the one I just depicted, joyfully ripping each other guts, with a good soundtrack, am I right ?
Yeah, I know that YOU know exactly what I'm talking about.
I can see it in your eyes. THROUGH MY FUCKING COMPUTER SCREEN.

Anyway, I got something for you. Something that will perfectly fit to this "pagan-historical" theme, you geeky, Tolkien-fed, psycho freaks.

Dumno is a young French band coming right from the city of Poitiers, where Charles Martel kicked the shit out of the Saracen's arses in 732 A.D., and these fierce bastards deliver some Pagan Black Metal goodness. They released Cet Atebertas, their first 5-titles EP, through Atavism Records, a great Burgundian label specialized in Underfuckin'ground Black Metal.

So, like I said, Dumno plays Pagan stuff. A war-themed, kinda raw, abrasive, atmospheric, lancinating, Pagan Black Metal driven by the spirits of ancient Celtic Gods, consisting of fast riffs, cold as a sword's blade stucked in your butt, brutal drum-hammering, and vocals alterning banshee-like screeching passages and ferocious growl. Yeah, nothing less than that.

Cet Atebertas is a pretty solid release, knowing that it's their first one, and I can't wait to hear more from them. Of course, as always, I can't help but bitching about the duration, but I guess 25 minutes of music is long enough for an EP.
That being said, the overall production sounds a little weak sometimes, but it doesn't affect the quality of the composition and these guys' work.
On a side-note, the fourth track, "L'Ancienne Race", is a cover of the well-known Ukrainian band Hate Forest, and they did a great job on this one too.

So, if you're craving for some good Pagan Black Metal stuff, grab your fucking credit card, and BUY IT, GODDAMMIT. It's worth a shot, you can trust me.

Available here. Just send an e-mail to Atavism Records for the details.

vendredi 1 novembre 2013

Saturdayz Soundtraxxx #2

Hey, guess what ?
To celebrate my long-awaited return in the depths of Extreme Music, I give you Saturdayz Soundtraxxx #2. So sit down, turn your speakers on, AND PLAY THAT SHIT FUCKING LOUD FOR FUCK'S SAKE.

Cadaveric Fumes is a young French band, which released a year ago an awesome MLP of uncompromising, dirty, thick as fuck Old School Death Metal of Swedish (the best ones when it comes to literally crush your fucking guts with musical instruments) inspiration called Macabre Exaltation.
Perfect if you want to give your christian neighbour a fucking heart-attack during All Souls' Day.

I don't know if you're familiar with the French Black Metal scene but if you're not, you're an asshole, and should check as much bands as you can RIGHT.FUCKING.NOW.
Here's a good one to start with : Mortefoutre, a combo playing raw, filthy Black Metal, which released its first demo via Preposterous Productions on the first half of July. To say the least, that shit sounds great, alors n'y r'fléchis pus, attrape l'mulot et clique donc sur c'te marde avant que j't'y colle un coup d'pioche en d'dans du gueule pour t'y apprendre à n'point m'éscoutailler, vingt dieux !

As you may know, I love not only Extreme Metal, but weird music in general.
Stuff sometimes so weird that people doesn't even want to call it "music". For today, I was craving for a haunting, eerie atmosphere, and what I found when I stumpled upon this band's page is just what I was looking for.
I don't know where the fuck Uskuunighu comes from, and in fact, I don't give a shit. Just turn up your speakers at maximum volume (or put headphones on), and let your soul drift away. Too bad there's only one track though.

Anyway, that's all folks !