vendredi 3 janvier 2014

Saturdayz Soundtraxxx #5

Hailz fvkkrz !

2013 has finally come to an end, and for the least I can say, this has been a fuckin' great year for Extreme Music. So, today, I'm giving you a glimpse of what 2013 brought to us, just to start 2014 under the sign of Evil.
This is NOT a "top-albums of 2013" list. I've done that crap for years on the webzine I used to work for.
No, this is more like a bunch of shit worth a listen that came out over the past few months.

Or "B.S.W.L.T.C.O.O.T.P.F.M.".
Because fuck you.

That's all folks !

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