samedi 17 août 2013

Arnaut Pavle - s/t

Have you ever been so mad at something / someone that you just want to break everything around you ? Yeaaaah, I'm sure everybody already felt like that.
Personnaly, I'm not very patient with my computer, and when this fucker isn't as reactive as I would like, I give him a gentle tap on the back...
If it never happened to you, you can consider yourself as a fortunate person.
And as a fucking robot. Or a buddhist monk.

Of course, kicking in someone's face until he / she dies is not a really good idea, unless you want to go in jail, and breaking your furniture isn't a good idea either, especially if you can't replace the broken stuff afterwards.
A tripod-table, for example, is quite inconvenient for... doing almost everything a table is meant for, like eating, writing, etc.
So, what do you do to avoid the moment you'll just explode and set your world ablaze ?

You listen to something fucking VIOLENT.
That's the only solution, unless you are, as above-mentioned, a robot or a monk. Or... both ?

Let me introduce you to Arnaut Pavle, your new favorite non-pharmaceutical tranquilizer.

Arnaut Pavle is a one-man project coming right from the frozen landscapes of Finland.
The band released on February 2013 a first eponym demo on tape version (2 pressings for a total of 153 copies), via the finnish label Vlad Tapes.
Of course, this tape is now sold out, but if you're lucky, you may find it on some websites and forums, like NWN! (Nuclear War Now !), or Discogs.

So, what's so special about this first act ? In fact, there's nothing really outstanding.
It's just a really fucking solid release of vindictive, raw, old school Black Metal with some discreet Punk/Crust and Thrash Metal vibes, unveiling themselves during brief moments throughout the demo, but it's just the perfect thing to listen to if you're on the edge of killing someone.
Forget about melody, forget about atmospheres, forget about everything.
Arnaut Pavle is just an implacable and ruthless wall of sound consisting of raging guitars (with some furious solos here and there) and brutal drumming alterning slow-paced parts and blast-beats, so focus on your hatred, and let it flow away as the music goes by.
Speaking of that, I hope you have a strong neck, otherwise your head might just dissociate from the rest of your body, because of the irrepressible urge to headbang you'll be subjected to.

The only thing that bothers me, as always with demos and EPs, is the duration of the whole thing. With 7 tracks for only 18 minutes, it feels like it passes in no time, so you have to listen to it again, and again, and AGAIN, UNTIL YOU'RE FUCKING ADDICTED TO IT, JUST LIKE I AM.

Shit, I'm pissed off now. Guess I'll just have to listen to it ONE FUCKING MORE TIME, GODDAMMIT !

There's just ONE SINGLE TAPE available here at this moment, so be fast if you want to grab it. You can also download it here for free.

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