vendredi 23 août 2013

Saturdayz Soundtraxxx #1

You're planning a barbecue this week-end, and don't know what to listen to while eating grilled sausages ?
Saturdayz Soundtraxxx will solve this problem.

Howling is a female-fronted US Death / Thrash Metal band with a good old school vibe, and lyrics inspired by various horror movies.
Just like many Metal fans, I love good ol' cheesy 80's horror movies, so when I found out about this band, I was pretty excited, and to say the least, this album kicks zombies' arses.

Over the past few years, many great Black Metal bands emerged from the US Metal scene, and Alda is one of them. Tahoma, their latest album, is a masterpiece of raw Atmospheric Black Metal with Folk influences, dedicated to the beauty and cruelty of Mother Nature.
If you like feeling the caress of the wind on your skin as you watch the sunset, while listening some good music, give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

Amateurs of experimental music, Plastic Heart / Botany Sideration is for you !
This album, the first of the french one-man-band I Beheaded the Cosmos, merge multiple musical styles together, from Black Metal to Noise and from Post-Punk to Ambient, to create something really unique. Have fun trying to understand what the fuck is happening to your ears !

That's all folks !

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