mardi 6 août 2013

Entity Unknown - Unknown

Now, things are getting serious. I mean, no social shit, no pictures, no member name, no physical release... That band itself doesn't even have a "real" name ! How underground is that ?
I'm pretty sure that the guy behind this project is soooo underground that he shits nothing less than Black Holes. Yeah.
But hey, who the fuck cares about that anyway, as long as the music is good ?

So, Entity Unknown is a one-man band from Bosnia and Herzegovina that delivers some nasty, evil sounding, raw as fuck, mid-tempo lo-fi Black Metal that will fuck your ears so hard that they'll bleed. Sounds good, right ? I fuckin' love this kind of bands...

2 titles for about 10 minutes of, like I said before, really, really evil stuff.
Forget about gay keyboards or understandable lyrics, you won't find that kind of stuff here...
Totally fucked-up guitars, bass reduced to its minimal for a crude, live sound, simple slow-paced yet efficient drum work, and distorted demon-like vocals (with a short, nice """clear""" passage on the second song). Everything in this release is made to be very aggressive to your senses, and this works very well.
The overall production is also so raw that listening to this with headphones is like being tortured, but since I'm a musical-masochist creep, I can't help but coming back at it over and over again. Too bad there are only 2 songs, though.

Still, this is what I call a gem, and I recommend this band to every underground lover that would stumble upon their Bandcamp page, or this review.

Entity Unknown ist KRIEG

Available for free if you download the two songs one after the other. Otherwise, it will cost you 7 bucks.

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