mercredi 7 août 2013

Cleric - Gratum Inferno

Now I think it's time for some fuckin' glorious Death Metal !

Don't you hate all of these Deathcore or commonly named """Death Metal""" bands like Wintersun or Suicide Silence ? When I hear that kind of garbage, it almost makes me puke. Really.
If you do like these bands (but I should call them a bunch of pussies), please, find a tall, nice tree, a solid rope and... Well, I guess you see where I'm going there.
Death Metal is meant to be dark, oppressive, violent and heavy as fuck, not melodic with tons of keyboards and shit played at the speed of light, making you feel like the musicians comes from Chernobyl and have at least 10 fingers in each fuckin' hand...

Be prepared, because this band IS the incarnation of what real Death Metal should be.

Cleric comes from Dallas (TX, USA), and these dudes deliver high quality stuff.
THIS is the real deal.
THIS is some unrelenting, vicious, putrid old school Death Metal.
Welcome back in 1990, OH YEAH !

7 titles of chainsaw-like guitars ripping through your guts, fat, crushing bass sound, guttural vocals from beyond the grave, great drumming sounding like shovels digging your own tomb, some gloomy atmospheres (on the last three tracks), and great production are the ingredients of this masterpiece (yes, you read it right : M-A-S-T-E-R-P-I-E-C-E).
I mean, this album is MASSIVE, and you can almost feel your bones cracking under its weight, while some maniac-creep comes around you to rip off your fuckin' limbs and play with countless other putrefied bodies all around.
In my opinion, Gratum Inferno is what we could call an "instant classic", that sums up all of the best things in Death Metal, and is as good as the best albums of bands like Dismember, Entombed, Autopsy, etc. Nothing less than that.

Six feet under the ground, how long will you be able to hold your breath ?

Full stream of the album available here
LP Pre-order here for 16$ +shipping fees

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