mercredi 14 août 2013

Bölzer - Aura

What do you know about Switzerland ?
Geneva ? Banks ? Overpriced (and overrated) chocolate ? Some Metal bands maybe ?

Yeah, Switzerland has bred numerous great bands during the past 30 years, like Celtic Frost, Triptykon, Coroner, Samael, Borgne, Darkspace, Tardigrada, Paysage d'Hiver, and countless others... I can hear some of you screaming "ELUVEITIIIIIIIIIIIIIE" through my computer screen, but no. For fuck's sake, NO, NO and NO.
This sounds like shit, and if someone pronounce the name of that shitty band again, I will stab him / her in the heart with a rusty fork.
Understood ?
So, what were we talking about...? Oh, yes, GREAT bands.
Well, I think we can add another one to this already substantial list.
You may not know them, but you will love them, that's for sure.

Beware my minions, here comes Bölzer.

Bölzer is a two-man Black / Death Metal project from Zurich, and the first thing you should know about them is... that there is no bassist in the band.
Yup, no bass in their songs, but surprisingly, they manage to be as loud and massive as nearly any other band of the genre.
How do they do ? It's a fucking mystery, but honestly, I don't give a shit about that, because Aura, their latest EP, is a fucking BEAST.

After listening to it countless times, I'd say that Bölzer could be the illegitimate son of Dismember and Blut Aus Nord. Sounds cool, right ? Keep reading, keep reading...
What comes out of this hypothetical unholy alliance is a combination of putrid, fast distorted riffs coming right from the mouth of Hell with the oppressive atmosphere and heaviness of Old School Swedish Death Metal.
Add some crazy vocals to this already pretty fucked-up mixture, and you get one of the very best 2013 Black / Death Metal releases along with Abyssal's Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius.
In other words, a depraved, filthy, gigantic monument raised in the name of Satan. FUCK YEAH.

There's just one little thing that bothers me : THIS EP IS TOO FUCKING SHORT !
Ok, I KNOW that an EP is not supposed to be as long as a full-length album.
That's why a full-lenght is called a full-length after all, but Aura sounds so great that listening to it just make the wait of the real album HARDER...
Don't know when these guys will release it, but it will be day-one for me.

Now, you know one more thing about Switzerland.
Click on the links below, and enjoy the music, or else, I'll KILL you, just like the Eluveitie fans.

Grab it here on LP (12€ +shipping - 2nd press) while it's still available !
According to the band, a CD version is on its way, too.

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