mercredi 21 août 2013

Elysian Blaze - Blood Geometry

Australia ! A giant island mostly composed of sand and rocks, but also a former British "prison", and the natural habitat of kangaroos, AC/DC, and the righteous owners of this land, the aboriginals australians.
Saying that this country is hostile would be an understatement, since almost 50% of it is almost uninhabitable due to aridity and high temperatures, except for the indigens tribes, who got used to the extreme life conditions of the desert.
And I'm not even talking of the countless deadly insects and reptiles living there.
Long story short : getting lost in the Outback is synonym of death.

Nah, just kidding...
Or not.

So, apart from animals jumping around like idiots (and scratching their arses) and dudes playing didgeridoo in the Bush, what else can we find in Australia ?
Oh, not much. Just the heaviest Metal band of the known universe.

Dear readers, bow down to the allmighty Elysian Blaze.

Elysian Blaze is a one-man band coming from the city of Adelaide, in the south of Australia.
Blood Geometry, the third full-length album of the band, was initially supposed to be released in 2008, but Mutatiis, the damned soul behind this project, postponed it for nothing less than 4 years because he wasn't 100% satisfied of it.
Finally, he inked a deal with Osmose Productions, a great french label, to get it released in June 2012.

Amateurs of slow, desperate and contemplative music, this album is for you.

To be honest, I'm truly impressed by this guy's patience, dedication and passion for music.
It took quite some time (6 years in total, since Levitating the Carnal), but it was really worth the wait, because Blood Geometry brings Funeral Doom Black Metal to a whole new level, and take at the same time a huge step in the territory of Ambient music, with a great use of synth-layers, reverb, and silences, making this album the most experimental Mutatiis ever made, and by far his greatest accomplishment.
In fact, it is so rich, so dense, so majestic and so fucking heavy that it's almost unbelievable that such thing is the work of a single human being.
I mean, EVERYTHING on this record sound so MASSIVE, so HUGE, that you can't help to feel very, very, VERY tiny while listening to it, but what really amazes me is the general ambience of the album.

Elysian Blaze has always been known on the Metal scene for creating oppressive, thick and stifling atmospheres, and Blood Geometry doesn't bend the rules.
Most of the time, these disturbing yet gorgeous parts emerge from the most raging parts, and for a brief moment, it feels like the passage of time itself has been altered, as everything seems to go slower, slower, and slower, until the next burst of hatred set everything on fire once again.
I think I've never heard anything that intense in my whole life. Really.

Listening to Blood Geometry is a whole experience.
You simply can't listen to it while you do something else. You really have to stay focused from the start to the end of it, even if it's hard sometimes.
Why is it hard ? Because it comes in two disks for a length exceeding 2 hours.
Two.fucking.hours. Can't complain about the duration this time, huh ?
Don't be afraid though. Everything on this album sounds so perfect that it never gets boring (well, at least if just like me you're used to listen to veeeeeeeeeery long songs).

There's not really much I can say about it.
Blood Geometry is, in my opinion, one of the greatest Metal releases of the last decade, and every-fucking-body just HAVE to listen to it.

Buy it here (2xCD version for 13€ +shipping), or there / there (3xLP version 24 or 26€ +shipping, depending on which version of the vinyl you take).

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