mardi 6 août 2013

Failure Ritual - s/t

For this first review on Burning Churches, I'm going to talk about Failure Ritual, an obscure US one-man band who released digitally his first album last year on Bandcamp, before being physically released (limited 200 ex.) by the french label Le Crépuscule du Soir.

This thing... This thing comes from the deepest pits of Hell...
To be honest, when I discovered this band, I had never heard something like that before.

Do not expect any kind of melody in this release, you would be disappointed.
Failure Ritual plays 3 tracks for approximately an hour of some kind of hybrid Suicidal Black Metal, with Drone, Noise, Ambient influences, without lyrics. Just some hideous and desperate screams scattered all over these songs.

For the least I can say, this is crushing. And I mean utterly crushing.
And I mean that even great Funeral Doom bands like Colosseum sound joyful and entertaining compared to this.
The band develop a very oppressive atmosphere, and listening to this album feels like being trapped in some sort of totally dark room, filled with heavy unbreathable poisoned air that gives you horrible hallucinations and kills you slowly. Yeah, it's that kind of stuff.

As you can guess, this is a very disturbing and discomforting album, but in my opinion, it's one of the best Black Metal albums released last year, that allows us to witness, for a brief moment, what eternal torment and suffering really means.
The only purpose of Failure Ritual is to completely destroy you and it fulfills its goal every fuckin' time you listen to it, but if you feel brave enough to give it a try (with headphones, but I shouldn't have to say that) and be pulverized by an impregnable monolithic wall of sound collapsing on you, click on this shit :

Failure Ritual A5 Digisleeve CD is still available here for 4€ + shipping fees

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